Selection of the facility management provider

Independent and professional assessment of your outsourcing projects

Selection of the facility management provider

The Systeming Company brings together experts with a broad range of project experience and knowledge of best practice in the fields of design, operation and maintenance of data centres. We look very closely into the critical infrastructure environment and can spot any opportunities for creating more stable, efficient and resilient environment. Technical accuracy and efficiency of our teamwork enables us to conduct very detailed assessments of the support infrastructure and develop effective and safe operation of data centre or technology room.

What sets us apart from other engineering and consulting companies is our specialization and tailored solutions. Systeming focuses exclusively in consultancy, engineering and project management. We do not supply any technology and our services are vendor-neutral and independent from any manufacturer.

Our consulting services regarding the selection process:

  • Producing detailed document – “Selection of Technological Manager of the Facility“,
  • Business meeting with the investor regarding the manager’s assignments,
  • Evaluation of tenders and quotations,
  • Active participation at suppliers‘ presentations,
  • Business meeting with the investor about offers / presented solutions,
  • Final evaluation and recommendations.