Technological facilities management

We determine proper headcount with required qualification and sufficient experience

Technological facilities management

When developing the ‘Technological facilities management‘policy, we first take into account the customer’s requirements on the infrastructure‘s availability. In other words, the information about availability is crucial from the viewpoint of our client’s business objectives and strategy. Other criteria are risk assessment, identification of obstacles and potential failures, level of redundancy and serviceability of the support equipment providing power and cooling for critical applications.

  • Cooling system
  • HV – Transformers
  • Motor-generators
  • UPS
  • LV distribution / distribution cabinets
  • Fuel systems
  • Security
  • Physical Security
  • Fire Protection
  • BMS / CCTV
  • IT / Telecommunication cabling

We consider the capability of the supporting infrastructure to maintain continuous availability, including the site inspections and current load profiling. We also identify capacity constraints, critical deficiencies and potential risks, evaluating the level of the environment’s serviceability while sustaining continuous operation.

The management design is based on the statutory requirements for management of technological units, prescriptive regulations, manufacturers‘ requirements and client’s internal directives. Technological facilities management includes following procedures:

  • Onsite preventive inspections
  • Pre-defined Service Routines, regular maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance services
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • System crisis recovery
  • Security

Support and control mechanism for effective operation of the data centre environment is provided by a monitoring system. The monitoring system should be designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive failure reporting system, escalation methodologies and ready to provide a robust reporting output from all parts of the system.

Based on the output from the monitoring system, the technological facilities management will be able to answer the essential questions of IT staff, such as:

  • Do I have the capacity in the data centre to install a new server?
  • Will we know in real time how much capacity is available?
  • Where can I install / put up new servers?

As a part of the monitoring system we will design an application of service activities – their planning, evaluation and approval.

The above mentioned main activities of the technological facilities management with the supporting infrastructure (non IT) put high personnel demands on their management and performance. We will determine the number of the operating staff, required training, experience / skill level, so that all the prerequisites for safe management of highly available applications are met.

For existing data centres, technology rooms or elsewhere, where a guideline manual has already been developed for operational management of the supporting infrastructure, we focus on document review in order to incorporate the current legal provisions. Also, we reconsider the actual support infrastructure management practices in order to optimize operating costs.