Site selection

Proper site selection eliminates construction risk and ensure optimal data centre operating costs as well

Site selection

Centralisation of services in large data centres helps companies achieve significant productivity gains and cost savings. These data centres support critical applications and therefore much emphasis is put on the high level of their availability. Today there are much higher demands on data centres than ever, which means that the design must focus on scalability, flexibility, and high availability achievements. Ability to withstand a disaster in the data centre which manages enterprise applications and data has significant impact on the ability of the company (customer) to quickly re-start their operations. Businesses must be able to survive all natural and man-made disasters which may affect the operation of the data centre. Enterprises normally achieve redundancy and scalability of their applications, and hence their high availability.

Main areas of the site selection process, for which we provide two different services:

  1. Helping to choose a suitable data centre location
  2. Evaluating the previously acquired site

Considering these six viewpoints:

  • Natural hazards
  • Threat based on the surrounding buildings
  • The threat of terrorism
  • The threat of the environmental contamination
  • Transport access
  • Availability of the network services operators

By assisting you with your new site’s location we offer you the best way how to ensure that your critical infrastructure will be located in the right building with the right surroundings. That is the number one factor influencing high availability of the systems. You need to select the location where all the natural and human threats are being minimized as much as possible, which is the first step towards the safe and secured facility. We will protect your spend and save your time by professional consultancy, risk analysis and availability studies in any location and existing data centre.