Data Centre

Data centre is the heart of any company with advanced ICT infrastructure

Data centre

Careful planning of your data centre prior to construction is crucial for ensuring compliance with all relevant standards. Pre-design and planning is one of the most important and complex tasks for every company running critical infrastructure. It begins with selecting the right location. Then we supervise the architectural design, supplies of support infrastructure equipment and provide the guidance throughout the whole implementation. This project requires close cooperation between professionals from IT department, network communication, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as thermodynamics.

The project planning involves room layout, electrical and cooling capacity assessment, floor load capacity, adequate security requirements, environmental impact assessment, risk prevention, and future expansion. The architect with the consultant must be acquainted with all the components to be installed in the facility, including all related infrastructure, cabling systems and ICT. Determining your company‘s IT requirements and design objectives is the first step towards the safe and efficient data centre. We understand the importance of well balanced design and all our projects offer applicable, real world solutions where the individual parts of the infrastructure conform to the same quality level.

We design the whole infrastructure with all the inseparable parts from various fields such as automation, security, communication, cooling and AC, object administration and management, power engineering and construction industry.

Our aim is to minimize the impact of the technology on the environment by carefully evaluating technical parameters of the facility while still maintaining efficient and sustainable operation of your data centre..

The technological implementation of the data centre consists of several parts, all of which require expertise and experience. We offer this and much more. Not only do we understand all the components of the system, we can also give you reliable, non-biased recommendations on another quotations and suppliers.

Development of the data centre consists of the following components:

  • Architectural design
  • Construction
  • Project documentation of technological objects

Electrical power supply:

  • HV connector
  • HV/LV transformation station
  • Power distribution lines, earthing and lighting systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Backup electrical generator

Cooling systems and AC:

  • Cooling methodology
  • Computer room air conditioners and air handlers CRAC/CRAH
  • Rack based cooling solutions

Data distribution:

  • LAN data lines
  • External WAN connection

Fire protection:

  • Electronic fire alarm
  • Early fire detection
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems

Security systems:

  • Access control system
  • Disruption alarm system
  • CCTV
  • Flood detection system

BMS / Monitoring