About us

Systeming is an engineering and consulting company.
Fifteen years of experience and expertise in the fields of support and network infrastructure and especially mission-critical environments has transformed our company into an independent, quality-oriented, highly professional business partner.

We use a wide range of methodologies and tools to design, develop and implement the project but at the same time we look for a unique approach to every particular customer and requirement to provide an effective, reliable and safe solution.
Utilizing extensive practical experience from numerous projects we have accomplished over the years we serve our clients by giving flexible and prompt response on any need or request.

Our membership in various international organizations broadens our horizons and helps us provide advanced professional service in line with the latest global knowledge and trends.

We provide comprehensive consulting services including technical consultancy to upgrade the design and implementation of your projects, rationalize costs and improve overall operating performance of your company.

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GPS: 49.964357,14.459839
Pražská 636, 252 41 Dolní Břežany
Tel.: +420 777 765 186