Functional test of Data Centre

Important step verifying parameters of designed infrastructure

Functional testing and commissioning

Our teams working in the areas of setup and calibration, automation, commissioning and facility management have an extensive knowledge regarding data centres. We understand our customers’ needs and therefore make sure that the facilities and equipment have been optimised for maximum performance.

At the end of the implementation and installation phase and before the commissioning it is necessary to verify the design parameters of the data centre infrastructure. Functional or acceptance testing reveals any defects and flaws in the settings of individual subsystems, which could affect the future system performance. We mastered the process of operation and functionality of the subsystems in detail, which authorizes us to conduct a thorough analysis of the installed capacity and settings, and activate the system correctly. The Infrastructure must work as a whole, so the subsystems must be aligned to meet the highest parameters of functionality. We have already developed a mission-critical facility commissioning methodology that can be adapted to any project.