Thermodynamic measurement

Energy efficiency

Measurement and analysis of thermodynamic data

By using a highly sensitive thermo camera, which identifies even tiny temperature differences and with combination of infrared and regular images we can accurately detect areas with an increased temperature which helps in correction process.

Fully radiometric infrared camera is the ideal way to uncover problems in the data centre cooling system. The camera technology takes the digital images simultaneously with infrared images and then merges them together, which makes it much simpler to analyze the hot spots. It produces clear pictures necessary for fast problem solving in the problematic areas. Thanks to its excellent thermal sensitivity, even small temperature differences are detected.

CFD analysis in combination with thermodynamic measurements are today the most powerful and accessible means of assessing and designing an ideal cooling model for a facility, whether an existing one or a new one. The sooner the operators of data centres take an interest in the real condition of their environment and supporting infrastructure, the better.