• Partnership with Ederat Group

    Publish date: February 24 2013 Author: admin Categories: Blog, News 0 comments

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    Systeming announces a partnership with Edarat Group to offer joint Technology Consulting Services. Edarat Group has a distinguished 15 years of experience in delivering Data Center Engineering Services for the Government, Telecom and Financial Sectors. Having a partner like Systeming will allows us to expand our business and share the technical aspect which are now keystones in Europe. confirmed Erick Baduy, Edarat Group Opportunity and Engagement Partner.

    This partnership will combine both companies’ proven expertise, resources and credibility to develop their mutual capabilities and bring best practice and professionalism to their respective clients said Marian Hauskrecht, Systeming CEO. Having a partner like Edarat Group will contribute to the success of Systeming ambitious plans in expanding its presence in Southeast Europe.